Invest in real estate

Few things that make people invest in real estate ?? It may be a solution to your thoughts.

  1. Some people buy lands for their children which may worth less than 1million and in the next few years to come this lands yield returns of about 10million to 100million, be sure that you have Enough to boast of and take your children for masters anywhere in the world.
  2.  People build invisible Modern future houses in Real estate,  imagine buying 6 plots of land at 700k now, at a total of 4.2million , 4.2 million cannot get you any good modern house now, but I. Maximum 5 years to come be sure that each plot will sell for a minimum of 7million to 10million imagine selling at 7million times 6plots = N42million, that means you will build the taste of house you want in the future without working out your self for years.
  3. People buy real. Estate for collateral, From my financial experience and Years of study, there are two types of debt, the Good debt and the bad debt,  A bad debt is spent on liability, while a Good debt is spent on appreciating value and values with high return,  thereby your land may be a Collateral  for a successful business plan tomorrow.
  4. People buy Real estate, to save the future of their unborn kids.

Nobody keeps billions for the future, they set it working,  A man without an appreciating property is a man with great vision but a limited mission.

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